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On you can find information about beauty salons located in your neighbourhood, price lists, opinions of people who have used their services, images and other information related to the services provided, but you can also make an appointment online. is at the same time an application for phones using the Android operating system or iOS, which you can download from the Apple Store and Android Market.

Registering a user in order to make an appointment to partner lounges involves providing basic information about the individual user. maintains confidentiality of the data transmitted to the record and they will not disclose this information, except as required by the law.

The data we receive are related to your first name and name, phone number and e-mail. At the same time we see the account information that you choose to create, but not the password. E-mail to which you will record will become your method of identification.

Other persons who access our website can not have access to your information, unless you choose it. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent specifically expressed in this regard.

The information we collect will only be used in your favour, as we try to tailor the experience that you have on our site, and to help you find faster the information you are looking for.

At the same time we hope to receive your feedback in order to constantly improve the information that we provide, therefore this is the reason we need you to provide the e-mail and other.

We assure you that our site,, uses security measures to protect your personal data so that anyone (person or organization) may not have access to this information without your consent. uses cookies to improve your experience when browsing its pages. These cookies are actually files sent from the Internet browser to your computer (if you agree this), that retain certain types of information that you've looked for and your preferences so that you can quickly access what you are interested in.

You can choose not to give accept to install the cookies or to be alerted whenever a cookie wants to install a file on the hard drive of your computer. will not sell or transfer your information to a third party unless you explicitly express the permission to do so or this fact is necessary by a court order or by law.

If will work with other sites, you should know that they have their own policy and rules so that you have a duty to be informed in advance directly from the source.

There may be situations when the information that we provide is not correct, but this is due to those companies who have provided them to us. We try to provide the most accurate and updated information, in the extent to which we have access to them.

Also, if you decide to access links, which are provided on our web site, but by third parties, you need to know that you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content of other sites. We guarantee that our web site does not contain malware or virus programs.

These rules that we have listed apply to all personal information that you share with us.